Toufic Hobeika

The emergence of the Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)

An Unmanned surface vessel or vehicle (USV) is a boat that operates on the surface of the water without a crew. It is controlled remotely via radio or satellite connectivity. USVs come in different sizes, shape, and built materials, but they all provide the same purpose: to accomplish missions for us but without us. USVs are a better alternative to traditional manned boats in several situations.

Smart Own bringing the water transport business to Nairobi Kenya

Smart Own and Gulf Craft spent 3 days in Kenya’s capital Nairobi to introduce their range of passenger boats, fishing boats and patrol boats to the Kenyan community and businessmen. Our visitors are convinced about the potential of the water transport business and many of them are planning to embark on this highly lucrative venture in the short to medium term. The superstar boat that attracted most attention was again the Gulf Craft Touring 36. The World’s best selling passenger boat is the boat of choice for the water transport entrepreneur.

Smart Own awarded the supply of a Gulf Craft Waveshuttle 56 for the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project in Bangladesh

Smart Own secured a deal with China Major Bridge Engineering Company Limited (MBEC) to supply a Gulf Craft Waveshuttle 56 Lounge Version for the Padma Multipurpose Project in Bangladesh. The Waveshuttle 56, a high speed luxury water bus will serve as a transport boat for the high rank government officials of Bangladesh during site inspection visits. MBEC is the main contractor in charge of the p

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