Smart Own and Gulf Craft blending with the Oil and Gas and Offshore Marine Experts

Smart Own and Gulf Craft made a debut at the Seatrade Offshore Marine and Workboats Middle East 2015. The high profile oil and gas trade exhibition and forum took place at ADNEC Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi from October 5th till 7th.

Teaming up with Gulf Craft, Smart Own showcased the manufacturer’s range of utility boats including the highly acclaimed Touring 36. Gulf Craft’s Touring line of passenger boats are highly popular in the region, and it is natural for these utility crafts to be represented at the Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats 2015. We have been working hard with Gulf Craft in the past 5 years to expand the geographical awareness of the Touring line, and we have come a long way since.

Today, we can find the Touring 36 in all 5 continents. This small size passenger boat has become a global success for Gulf Craft. “At this event, we aim to share this success story with the workboats industry players and showcase the unique selling propositions of Gulf Craft’s Touring 36, Touring 40 and Waveshuttle 56 to prospective clients from the Middle East, Africa and the sub-continent”, said Toufic Hobeika, Managing Partner of Smart Own.

While Gulf Craft may be famous for its pleasure boats and super yachts, the Touring 36 has carved itself a leading position in a very niche market. While the Gulf Craft utility range does not truly fit into the category of workboats and offshore vessels it surely complements it.

A boat like the Touring 40 can be equipped with inboard engines, jet drives, a comfortable and air conditioned cabin that can accommodate 30 passengers. This is a perfect high-speed small water bus that can service executives and venture into the open sea. That explains why we witnessed a high level of interest in the Touring 36 and 40 among trade and retail customers who visited Smart Own space at the exhibition.

Smart Own at ADNEC Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi

Smart Own at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi

Smart Own in Abu Dhabi

Passenger boats specialist in Abu Dhabi

Smart Own at ADNEC

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