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We offer small and medium size passenger boats for the water transport industry. Our boats are equally popular among the small water taxi owners and the big corporations.

Our success derives from our shipyards thriving 25 years experience in building marine crafts with a focus on simplicity, durability, maximized capacity and a uncompromising customer service quality.

Smart Own offers international standard boats with factory direct prices from the highest reputed boat builders in the United Arab Emirates.

Touring 40 profile

Touring 40

  • 35 passengers + Pilot & Co-pilot
  • 38 knots maximum speed

The big brother of the Touring 36, the Touring 40 offers a larger seating capacity (8 more seats than the Touring 36) and a wider beam. This is a multi-functional workhorse used for touring, exploring, diving, ferrying people or patrolling.

Touring 48 Ferry Version

Touring 48 Ferry

  • 46 passengers + captain + lugagge storage room
  • 34 knots maximum speed

Business class seats for 46 passengers with a top speed of 34 knots, the Touring 48 Ferry is in a class of its own when it comes to comfort, speed and sea capabilities for a 46 feet passenger boat. And with its outboard engines options this is a commercial boat that can operate with piece of mind anywhere around the World.

Transporter 32 - Passenger Boat

Transporter 32

  • 23 passengers + Pilot & Co-pilot
  • 32 knots maximum speed

The Transporter 32 is a competitively-priced commercial boat built to the highest heavy duty standards using Japanese GRP molding methods.

ABRA Solar Powered passenger boat

Abra 36

  • 16 passengers
  • 7/15 knots maximum speed (electric/petrol)

Dubai’s famous traditional water taxi comes now as a modern, fiberglass built passenger boat for 20 persons with electric, solar power and petrol propulsion versions. Available in open deck or soft enclosure cabin with air conditioning.

Sea Lounge 40

Sea Lounge 40

  • 20 passengers + Pilot
  • 34 knots maximum speed

A floating piece of art, the Sea Lounge 40 is an upscale meeting point for the distinguished few. With a capacity of a mega yacht, it is the perfect boat for a water restaurant or a dinner boat for corporate events or private ownership.

Touring 48 Lounge Version

Touring 48 Lounge

  • 16 passengers + Pilot
  • 32 knots maximum speed

With sea going capabilities, the Touring 48 Lounge accommodates 16 VIP passengers in a luxurious and social saloon setting. And with its outboard engines this boat can operate anywhere in the World. The perfect VIP transport boat for a 5 star hotel resort or a corporation looking for a unique business meeting place.

Waveshuttle 56 Lounge Style

Waveshuttle 56 Lounge

  • 24 passengers + 3 crew (Lounge version)
  • 48 passengers + 3 crew (Bus version)
  • 28 knots maximum speed

With its panoramic glass deck and its unrivalled comfort facilities, the new Waveshuttle 56 defines business class travel on water. This boat comes in Bus version for maximum passengers capacity or Lounge version for VIP guests & corporate entertainment

CAT Ferry 39 - Catamaran Crew Boat

CAT Ferry 39

  • 70 passengers
  • 24 knots maximum speed

A true offshore catamaran passenger boat, the CAT Ferry 39 offers unprecedented stability, manoeuvrability and safety standards in this category. This crew boat with a capacity of 70 passengers operates equally well in extreme sea conditions and in lakes and rivers with shallow waters. The perfect all-round passenger boat.

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Visit Dubai the City of Dreams for free

When you buy a boat from us we will invite you to Dubai to supervise the sea trials of your vessel. Your flight ticket, visa fees, 5 star hotel stay and dedicated chauffeur are free of charge compliments of Smart Own. We will escort you on VIP shipyard visit where you will meet the Gulf Craft team who built your boat. Your project leader will explain to you the construction process of your vessel and train you or a member of your company on your newly built boat.

Our Services

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We are the leading provider of passenger boats and we have custom built passenger boats for sale. We work with one of the leading passenger boat manufacturers in the world to provide vessels based on your requirements.

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Fast delivery

All boats on display are made to order and require between 2 and 6 months to deliver depending on the passenger boat model and engines choice. Our main passenger vessels are: Touring 36, Touring 40, Sea Lounge 40 and Waveshuttle 56.

World on a Trolley

International Shipping

We arrange shipping to any destination around the World. We have sold our boats to all 5 continents. There is no country or island we cannot reach. We ship to Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania or anywhere.


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