Four Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Enter the Passenger Boat Business

The secret is out: the passenger boat business is growing around the globe. The passenger boat business has been present in our world for as far back as civilization can remember. Long before we had vessels to travel overland with, boats provided the vital lifeline for travel and transport.

In some ways, the more things change, the more they stay the same. However, there is one major difference in the 21st century world of water vessels.

Now, savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are looking towards the small boat industry for all of the growing possibilities that it holds in unexpected areas of the world. Localized markets in the western world are consistently creating new uses for small passenger boats and they are proving to be lucrative.

It’s also promising to only continue to grow on a global level. In particular, there are many opportunities in the developing areas of the world.

Here’s four reasons why now is a great time to enter the passenger boat business:

1. The right vessel provides a wide variety of options for multiple uses

Touring 36 AMSA Classed (4)Water taxi services like Scheduled service, Group transportation and Special event transportation

Sightseeing tours such as riverfront tours, dinner or sunset cruises, waterfront cruises, historic landmark tours, and nature tours

2. Waterways are still the only way many places can be reached

waterways-worldIn particular, in parts of South America and Africa, poor roadways – or no roadways at all – offer amazing potential for water transportation businesses.

Well run boat businesses that ensure high safety and environmental standards are poised to become the industry leaders in these markets as they provide a safe option for passengers that assures them of safety, reliability and comfort.

3. The passenger boat business is booming on the African market

JAJI-31-Water-TaxiIt has recently been acknowledged as one of the best businesses to get started in North America. It’s now proving to do the same on the African continent.

Excellent pricing has kept the passenger boat market within reach of many small business owners who have done their research on the needs and desires of their particular market.

New technology is also rapidly advancing the efficiency and performance of boats, allowing for special boats to be better suited to take on specific challenges. In particular, the Jaji 31 is considered to be the best possible passenger boat for the waterways of Africa.

4. Growing global business opportunities

growing-water-taxi-businessWith numbers in global tourism continually rising each year, passenger boat owners have multiple avenues for referral and reciprocal business at the local level.

What’s good for the local, ethical business owner is also good for local businesses in general. When local businesses developed around tourism and service recognize the exponential power of referral and partnership businesses, everyone wins.

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