The emergence of the Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)

An Unmanned surface vessel or vehicle (USV) is a boat that operates on the surface of the water without a crew. It is controlled remotely via radio or satellite connectivity. USVs come in different sizes, shape, and built materials, but they all provide the same purpose: to accomplish missions for us but without us. USVs are a better alternative to traditional manned boats in several situations like:

  • In high-risk missions where the concern for the security of the crew is substantial.
  • In long range cruising in rough sea conditions where the comfort and well-being of crew can be compromised.
  • In tasks where the use of crew is financially not feasible.

B7 The Beagle USV is the latest addition to our portfolio. Designed and manufactured by Al Marakeb in the UAE, the B7 is a pinnacle of technological advancement. This medium size fiberglass USV provides marine solutions for military and commercial applications:

B7 Beagle Military Applications:

  • Anti-Submarine warfare (detection and attack)
  • Anti mine warfare
  • Anti-piracy patrol
  • Early warning
  • Unmanned remote weapon
  • Maritime border security
  • Assist in laser guided tasks

B7 Beagle Commercial applications:

  • Surveillance of Port / Harbor Large commercial / defense vessel / cruise ship / offshore platforms
  • Patrolling of Maritime border/littorals
  • Environmental remote sensitivity
  • Detection & protection against undersea mines & IED’s
  • Protection of underwater pipelines
  • Collection of data for deep sea mining & extraction of oil & gas
  • Oil spill mitigation and Hazardous material detection.

Naval drone B7 The Beagle USV

B7 The Beagle USV

The striking beauty and advanced technology of the B7 may give the impression of a USV with a price tag way off the charts. The reality is that the B7 The Beagle is one of the best value USVs on the market. Thanks to the use of composite materials, the UAE’s tax-free environment and factory direct pricing from technology suppliers we are able to offer an advanced USV at an affordable price with low operation and support costs.

As we introduce the B7 we can already imagine how this remarkable vessel of technological advancement will lead the market of USVs in the World.

B7 The Beagle Technology

B7 The Beagle main specifications:

  • LOA 26ft – BOA 7ft
  • Fiberglass composite
  • Unmanned
  • RF & SATCOM communication allow unlimited range of control
  • Max Speed 45 knots
  • Endurance 1000km per tank
  • Diesel Inboard with single jet drive
  • Autonomous capabilities
  • Day/night & heat detection camera on stabilized Gimbal
  • Mobile ground station
  • Speaker device
  • EMP directional jammer

If you wish to know more about the B7 Beagle Unnamed Service Vehicle (USV) please click here. 

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