Waveshuttle 56: A high speed luxury water bus is not a ferry

So what is the difference between a ferry and a marine shuttle bus?

A ferry is usually a large-size commercial boat with a large seating capacity. It is normally equipped with economical diesel engines that are fuel efficient but very slow. A typical ferry would cruise between 14 to 16 knots fully loaded. Unless it is a cruise ship, luxury is considered secondary in ferries.

By contrast, a marine shuttle like our acclaimed Waveshuttle 56 is a high-speed passenger boat that can reach 30 knots with powerful commercial grade engines. The cabin is luxurious and feels more like the saloon of a yacht then a ferry. Passengers will find a higher level of comfort, entertainment and social feel on board the Waveshuttle 56 then on a typical ferry.

But why would anyone want to buy an expensive shuttle bus for commercial use?

There are many situations where a high-speed luxury water bus is required. Let’s state a few:

1. The guests of a top notch 5-star hotel and resort would expect a fast and comfortable marine transportation method to the hotel site. That’s why the One & Only Hotel chain uses the Waveshuttle 56 to transport their distinguished guests in the Maldives.

2. Highly ranked government officials who must investigate sites offshore find the saloon lounge style of the Waveshuttle 56 as the perfect setup to plan their journey, discuss the projects on hand and socialize.

3. Private companies use the Waveshuttle 56 as a mean of transport for their executive management team and company VIP customers.

4. Ferry operators who require a high speed and comfortable water bus to transport passengers over a long distance within a reasonably short time.

Do you require a high-speed comfortable water bus that can accommodate up to 48 passengers and reach speeds up to 30 knots? Our Waveshuttle 56 was built for that purpose and more.

Gulf Craft Waveshuttle 56
Waveshuttle 56 in planing mode


Luxury boat saloon
Waveshuttle 56 Saloon Version


Waveshuttle 56 Bus Version
Rendering of a Waveshuttle 56 Bus Version

Check the Waveshuttle 56 page here for more information.

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