Customized Commercial Passenger Boats

We Can Customize Our Boats To Your Business Requirements

It is not a coincidence that we have sold our passenger boats in all 5 continents. Very few shipyards build vessels of such maneuverability and versatility. The Gulf Craft Touring line can be made as a passenger, search & rescue, patrol, marine ambulance, water bus, restaurant ship or scuba diving boat.

We understand buyers of commercial boats require full customization. Hence we offer:

– A wide choice of inboard and outboard engines.

– Multiple seating layouts.

– Open air or closed cabin versions

– Different classification societies for our workboats series

Boat customization services

Get in touch if you need some customization for the boats we offer.

Choice of Engines

We can equip our boats with almost any engines configuration. As standard we drive our smaller vessels with twin outboard Yamaha four stroke and our bigger fleet with sterndrive Volvo Penta. We have equipped our boats with the following engine configurations:

– Twin outboard petrol (Yamaha, Susuki, Mercruiser)
– Twin sterndrive diesel (Volvo, Yanmar)
– Twin inboard diesel (Volvo, Yanmar)
– Twin inboard petrol (Mercruiser)
– Twin sterndrive petrol (Mercruiser)
– Twin Z Drive diesel (Volvo, Yanmar)

Our boats are robust and agile to handle sea state four conditions. The client can choose the engines power output to match with the intended use of the vessel.

Choice of Seating Layout


Allows maximum seating capacity and is the standard layout on the Touring 36 & Touring 40.

Seating Layout


Individual armchairs seating in a bus style layout. This layout is standard on the Sea Bus 40, Waveshuttle 56 and Gulf 85 and optional on the Touring 36 & 40.

Bus Style Seating Layout


Round benches are ideal to maximize free space on deck for water sports activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling or deep sea fishing.

Water Sports Utility Layout

Choice of Equipment

We provide a complete list of optional equipment to choose from as per your business needs and budget. You only pay for what you need. Hence we keep the standard price of our boats very competitive.

Example of optional equipment:

– Marine generator
– Air conditioning
– Electronic Anchor winch
– Search Light
– Navigation System
– LCD screens
– Trim Tab etc…

Choice of Cabin Type

The deck is equipped with a fiberglass ceiling and partial fiberglass side walls at the cockpit level. The main part of the deck is open.This is the most popular cabin version. No air conditioning is required and passengers enjoy maximum visibility.

The deck is fully enclosed with fiberglass cabin. The cabin can be equipped with air conditioning. This version is optional on the Touring 36 & 40 and standard on the rest.



When you buy a boat from us we will invite you to Dubai to supervise the sea trials of your vessel. Your flight ticket, visa fees, 5 star hotel stay and dedicated chauffeur are free of charge compliments of Smart Own.
We will escort you on VIP shipyard visit where you will meet the Gulf Craft team who built your boat. Your project leader will explain to you the construction process of your vessel and train you or a member of your company on your newly built boat.



We are the leading provider of passenger boats and we can custom make our fleet to your requirements.

Fast delivery

All our custom built boats on are obviously made to order and require between 2 and 6 months to deliver depending on the model and engines choice.

International Shipping

We arrange shipping of our custom paggenger boats for sale to any destination around the world. We have sold our boats to all 5 continents. There is no country or island we cannot reach.


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